Artist’s Statement

As a visual artist I strive to create a narrative in my work that is both personal and universal.  My work tells the story of the human condition by presenting pieces of a story, fragments of the whole.  My clothing forms imply the body that would be within, while using the absence of a central form to engage the viewer.  The pattern of a birdcage imposed on the female form implies both limitations and structure; while glass wings intend to serve as a reminder not to underestimate others as well as ones self.  When a bird is at rest with its wings held close to its body they become nearly invisible.  It is only when a bird is in flight that you see it’s most remarkable attributes.  Honeycomb symbolizes creativity, community, and our ability to manifest that which we need.  Hearts in my work represent choice and free will…being both strong and fragile as the heart must be.  My work explores gender, emotion and our connections to nature.